Creating impact

The aim of this work package is to maximise the impact of the project through a combination of interaction with the main stakeholders and end-users, such as the Member States, regional and international air quality network, operators of monitoring networks, European and national regulatory bodies, the environmental legislation, standardisation committees and working groups, instrument manufacturers, as well as the research community of environmental, atmospheric and epidemiological sciences This includes a two-way information exchange, input into European standards, assisting Member States comply defensibly with existing legislation, evidence based outcome to help formulate improve policy and metrics, practical help and training for end users, as well as facilitating commercial exploitation of the results by European-based businesses.

The whole intention of the project is to have a significant and measurable impact on air quality and climate-focussed studies, and on the confidence and comparability with which air quality legislation is delivered across Europe, within the project lifetime.

  • Task 6.1: Knowledge Transfer
  • Task 6.2: Training